While workmanship is critical to the successful installation of siding, the use of quality products is equally important to providing visual appeal and protecting the life of your home. We’re proud to recommend and use the following products:

Nichiha® Fiber Cement Siding
Available in a variety of looks and textures, Nichiha Fiber Cement siding enhances our reputation for providing quality workmanship and products. It won't rot or crack and resists harsh elements such as rain and hail. For more information about Nichiha products visit www.nichiha.com.
Founded in 1956, Nichiha Japan first began operations as a hardboard manufacturer, supplying the automobile industry. Fueled by their superior manufacturing technology and constant drive for innovation, Nichiha developed fiber cement claddings and now offers over eight hundred different products, textures and colors that are used for both commercial and residential applications.

Tyvek® HomeWrap
Siding installation should include a housewrap, a product that makes the home more comfortable, energy efficient and most important—in the Pacific Northwest—protects it from water damage. Our choice in housewrap is Tyvek HomeWrap, known for its quality and durability. For more information about Tyvek HomeWrap, visit www.tyvek.com and select the construction link.

Ply Gem Windows
With over 50 years of experience, Ply Gem combines the power of a national company with the customer service of a local one. Manufactured in Auburn, WA, Ply Gem offers a variety of window choices from new to replacement, economical to top of the line. Visit www.plygemwindows.com to learn more on how replacing your old windows can increase the beauty and function of your home while saving you money with their energy efficient products.